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Environment & Conservation


A range of different activities are represented within our Environmental and Conservation volunteer projects, in building and maintaining trails, taking part in environmental education, helping the existing staff members/environmental conservationists in ongoing projects, assistance in administrative activities of the project, weeding, building fences as well as in sustainable

You will also be involved in activities like reforestation, agro-forestry, organic and sustainable organic farming practices, nursery protects and environmental education. You can expect to work in varieties of ecosystem like dry forests, cloud forests, rain forest and mangrove forests. Examples of how you can support Environmental initiatives in Uganda:

  • Support training of farmers in sustainable agriculture activities such as appropriate irrigation techniques, soil regeneration, tree planting, mushroom farming, and fisheries management. Farmers are comprehensively educated so they may independently implement sustainable methods into their work.
  • Assist training and workshops for community members about beekeeping, poultry management, tree planting, coffee and banana management, and environmental conservation.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of small sustainable energy projects such as fuel saving cooking stoves and bio gas usage.
  • Conduct field visits to various villages and Help create model gardens and distribute seeds to community members.
  • Teach community members about soil/water conservation and local environmental issues.
  • Educate communities about water, sanitation management, and personal/environmental hygiene, while encouraging the development of sustainable agricultural practices.


African Volunteer Vacations
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