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Medical & Health


Life in Ugandan community is no different to other regions of Africa and poverty still has a large impact on the quality of life the Ugandan people are able to enjoy. One of the largest problems Ugandan communities face through is a lack of medical knowledge, supplies and education. The Uganda Medical Volunteer Placement encompasses a number of fields and medical professionals and students are sorely needed. Our priority health program areas include HIV/AIDS, adolescent sexual reproductive health, and community health (mitigation of malaria and other diseases), building the capacity of rural communities in their efforts/initiatives towards improvement of sanitation and hygiene among others. This project aims to increase healthcare for rural people, decrease the prevalence of endemic diseases and improve village health by providing public health projects and promoting health education.

The volunteer’s duties will vary depending largely on your background and skill. Volunteer work on this project includes assisting with the running of a local health clinic where you will be involved with helping treating of malaria, Tuberculosis and Syphilis which are the most common health ailment in Uganda. For example, If you are a registered nurse, medical doctor, lab technician, and paramedic or have a trained medical skill then you can participate in patient care such as diagnosing, injections, IV starts and lab work. If you are a mid wife or gynecologist then you can work in the maternity ward assisting with prenatal and antenatal care. And if you are someone with some educational background in public health, then you can also participate in this project by helping the staff to record injections or immunizations, helping to dispense medications, beginning a painting or cleaning project, donating supplies, giving educational seminars on nursing skills, nutrition or any other subject that you may think of in relations with community health care. You will also be conducting lessons to the Ugandan rural community groups on the dangers of HIV and how to prevent themselves from getting infected, home visits, counseling and testing services for HIV and AIDS.


African Volunteer Vacations
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