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Your Volunteering Should Contribute To The Sustainability Of The Organization And The Local Community You’re Working With And Ensure You Have A Positive Impact.

Consider sustainability of the work - Sustainable projects build capacity and enable locals to make improvements in their own communities whereas handouts lead to dependency. The work our volunteers do in these projects compliments and increases the capacity of the projects' impact in the community, and we seek in all we do to ensure the work is sustainable in its' own right and not reliant on overseas volunteers. The time you spend with each project provides a huge bonus to their work. You are not taking any opportunities away from local people; this is not job substitution, but the provision of additional support, knowledge, insight and energy to worthwhile local projects. This is important to us, and ultimately means you can have confidence in knowing that when you give your time to our projects, you will be contributing to a work that will last for years to come.


African Volunteer Vacations
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