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Sports Development


The sports development program provides a range of activities for children to participate in. Different activities such as football, volleyball and netball can be organized on a regular basis and teams established. It is a great way to build up a child’s team spirit and confidence and matches are organized between other local teams. Volunteers are encouraged to help in the coaching and organization of all the sports. If you would like to start up another sports club then we would only encourage this and help in any way possible.

This project traditionally takes place on Saturday afternoons. We therefore recommend that the volunteer signing up for this project must also be involved in the teaching project or any other project to keep up with the working time schedule. Please understand that this project more than any of the others requires you to take the initiative to set up activities. You will need to come prepared with an idea of what activities you want to do with the children in the area, and if possible bring some equipment with you.


African Volunteer Vacations
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