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As a volunteer in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Uganda, you can truly make a difference in the lives of others. The pandemic resulting from the spread and acquisition of HIV/AIDS is a serious and deadly challenge facing the entire country of Uganda. Children are often born from AIDS-infected parents who often pass away before they are able to make any kind of contribution in these children's lives. Volunteers' assistance is greatly and urgently needed in many areas of Ugandan HIV/AIDS projects.

Presently, African Volunteer Vacations (AVV) Volunteer works in collaboration with local organizations promoting HIV/AIDS awareness while simultaneously providing comfort to HIV/AIDS-infected citizens. Volunteers/travelers can have the rewarding opportunity to create hope among the sick and assure them that they can live productive lives, even with AIDS (given proper care of their bodies). Volunteer now in the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in Uganda and help counsel affected individuals while educating others on the causes, effects and preventions of the disease. The only way to decrease the number of those infected is through education.


African Volunteer Vacations
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