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Why Volunteer With AVV?

Reasons To Volunteer With AVV

We believe that African Volunteer Vacations (AVV) stands tall in our sector, providing far more than just a glorified holiday which some organizations offer. Instead we offer sustainable, high caliber experiences, with tailored professional support right from the point of application onwards. Read more about why we stand out from the crowd... There are many reasons to choose AVV.

  • We are  a licensed Charity - Not For Profit Organization
    African Volunteer Vacations (AVV) is an Australian based licensed not-for-profit ethical organization aimed at developing responsible volunteer vacations. As part of our mission to promote responsible travel we developed alternative volunteer vacations designed to connect travelers with local people and places for an authentic experience.

    Our independent trips maintain a focus on sustainable community-based development, conservation management, and cultural preservation ensuring that local people benefit from your trip by spending money in community of locally owned businesses.


  • Supporting You All The Way
    Wherever you choose to travel or volunteer with AVV you can rest assured knowing that you have professional and experienced support all around you. Within your project you will have an allocated line manager who will deal with all the day-to-day issues like your accommodation, your finances and your work plan. We then have experienced local project staffs who are available to provide support, training and personal care. We are here 24/7 to ensure you have all that you need to make sure your experience is safe, rewarding and exciting!

    AVV Volunteer Program is structured in such a way to support both volunteers and projects throughout the period of service vacation. For volunteers we work to ensure your safety and security as far as is possible, without infringing on your individual adventure. For our local project staff we provide support, mediation and advice to ensure that their experience of working with international volunteers is a happy and productive one. ( A win – win experience).


  • Sustainable Project Investment
    AVV believes passionately in the work our local community partner projects do and so we invest 100% of our financial donation into providing practical resources and help for those projects most in need with a particular focus on those poor communities (often rural, poor and economically marginalized). We aim to ensure that the work they do is not reliant and outside resources but can be built up to continue with local staff and focused on the needs of the local community. Volunteering with AVV Program is about coming alongside local staff and community members, sharing with each other, learning from each other and growing in deeper understanding of our place in the global community. It is this shared vision that drives our innovative model!


  • Affordable Volunteer Program Costs
    While there are gaps in the market with many exorbitant costs being charged by other volunteer abroad organizations, AVV is there to fill the gap and maintain its commitment to be a non-profit organization. We work directly in partnership with local grassroots organizations, and because our staffs are locals, have been raised in the area and know it inside and out, they are in the best position to provide guidance, safe supervision and support to our international volunteers; that means we reduce costs making our projects more affordable.

  • We Promote Responsible Travel
    Our programs are designed to deliver sustainable value for partners, for communities and for the environment, and we talk openly about the issues and challenges of responsible and sustainable tourism. Our local partners are handpicked for holding the same values and ethical standards in their own organizations. Our aim is fair trade between local communities, AVV and you as a traveller/volunteer. You can be sure that your holiday contributes directly and meaningfully to the communities you visit. We will also ensure you get the necessary information on how to be a responsible tourist in the destination you will be going to.

    Most of our holidays take you off the beaten track and give you an insight into local people's heritage and the culture and daily life of the community that you are visiting. It doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your beach or a sightseeing trip into the cities. Rather it is about uniqueness, authenticity and getting a glimpse into life as it really is. Our travelers often say that we offer holidays that they would not be able to put together themselves or get elsewhere. Remember; we tailor-make holidays and your volunteer placement – so it is up to you what you want to experience.


  • Equipping and Training you for service
    We pride ourselves on the standard of training we offer to all our full time volunteers. Before, during and after your experience, we offer a variety of training methods, which aim to focus and encourage you in your service.

    Our training brings together experienced insights and knowledge of the voluntary sector, and utilizes up to date project management and mentoring skills to offer support that is personal, pastoral and professional.

    It’s important to do the right preparation before volunteering abroad. While some people will be seasoned travelers, many AVV volunteers are traveling alone for the first time. Regardless of which group they fall into, we think is a whole range of issues that people need to consider before traveling abroad.

    We’ve developed a set of training tools to help AVV volunteers to get prepared in the best way. These tools are free to all of our volunteers and are accessible as soon as you become fully registered with us, so there’s plenty of time to work through them before you leave home.
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